A Renter’s Guide to Enhancing Apartment Security

A Renter's Guide to Enhancing Apartment SecurityHome security is something we all care about, but for renters in particular, it can be tough to take the necessary steps to make sure your place and family are safe. Fortunately, irrespective of whether you own or rent your home, there are a number of inexpensive improvements you can do today to boost the security of your apartment.

Think like a thief

One of the simplest ways to stop crimes of opportunity is to remove the opportunity. Keep your valuables hidden, away from windows, where they might tempt thieves to target your place. While you might not be able to hide your TV, you can keep your blinds down when you’re away from home during the day, when burglars are more likely to strike.

You can also use books and safes to store valuables like jewelry. That way, if the unfortunate happens and someone does get in, they will struggle to find items worth their time. Source: CNET

Get a door jammer

Door jammers, or door security bars, are adjustable metal tubes with a nonslip rubber foot on the bottom and a rubberized cup- or V-shaped block at the top. To use one, adjust the length of the pole, wedge the cup-shaped block under the doorknob, and then firmly press or kick the foot toward the door until it is firmly wedged in place. Should someone try to open the door while the bar is in place, pressure on the door will tighten the position of the bar, making it impossible to open the door. These bars can be used on the main entry door, but they are also one of the best bedroom door lock options if you’d like another layer of security between you and the entry door at night, or if you have roommates against whom you’d like to secure the door overnight.

For lever-handled doors, there are also jammers that fold in half, wedging underneath the door itself and pressing into the floor behind itself to create the same effect (these are also the best portable door locks for travel). Source: BobVila

Call a locksmith

If your complex allows it, call in a professional security company to evaluate your apartment’s safety and offer tips or services. Hiring a local home security service to assess your home and provide recommendations on access points that need a security boost is a great way to instill confidence in the safety of your space.

Additionally, a professional company will have signs that you can display in your apartment’s windows, sliders, and even on your door, letting potential vandals know that your home is fortified. Source: Angi

We’d love to help you feel safer at home. Don’t wait until the last minute – call us today and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

Published Date: July 6, 2023

Category: Home Security