Electronic Door Locks

One of the safest home security devices for your entry doors is the electronic door lock. This modern alternative to the traditional key and mechanical lock can enhance your home security system.

Our BC certified locksmiths at Prime Locksmith can install an electronic door lock on your front door, rear door, and any other entry point you need for maximum security and convenience.

Why Electronic Door Locks Are Safer and More Convenient

The primary feature of an electronic door lock is keyless entry, providing a combination of enhanced safety and extra convenience. These keyless door locks do not have a standard keyhole, eliminating the need for a mechanical key and making them more resistant to traditional attack methods, such as lockpicking or bump keys. 

You and your family members can easily and conveniently unlock the doors and enter your home without a key with keyless entry. These locks can also integrate with your existing smart home automation systems, allowing you to control the locks from your smartphone using a virtual assistant, such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

Types of Electronic Door Locks

There are numerous electronic door locks, each offering different features. Here’s a breakdown of the most common types:

Keypad deadbolt

Also known as keyless deadbolts, the keypad deadbolt is the simplest and most budget-friendly type of electronic lock. This lock type is easy to install, available in multiple colours, such as black, satin nickel, and silver and simple to use, making it ideal for residential use.

Instead of using a key, the keypad deadlock allows you to secure your home with a PIN code. When used with safe PIN code practices, the keypad deadbolt is convenient and highly secure when combined with safe PIN code practices.

Biometric locks

A biometric lock is an electronic lock fitted with a fingerprint reader. It’s one of the best keyless solutions on the market because it allows you to use your own unique fingerprints as a door key.

The average biometric lock can remember multiple fingerprints, allowing you to register other family members, trusted friends, and anyone else you need into the lock’s memory.

Proximity locks

Proximity locks use wireless sensors and key fob-type devices to detect when you’re near your home. If you and your fob are within the sensor’s range, the lock automatically unlocks itself. Once you leave the sensor’s range, the lock re-engages itself automatically.

Although convenient for standard entry doors, proximity locks are ideal for garage doors because they allow you to lock, unlock, open, and close the door without leaving your vehicle.

Wi-Fi smart locks

Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks use your home’s local wireless network to communicate with mobile applications. Wi-Fi locks are ideal because they allow you to replace the standard key with an object that over 88% of Canadians already own: the smartphone.

The Wi-Fi lock application also allows you to control the locks remotely, allowing you to lock and unlock your door even when you’re far away from home. Many of these applications can also integrate with complete smart-home systems, including alarms and security cameras, to give you total control over your home’s entry points.

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