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The City of Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia (BC) and the most populous municipality of the Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD), with a population of over 660,000. As one of Canada’s largest urban areas, the Rain City’s overall crime rates are above the national average.

If you are a Vancouverite with a home or business in the city or its surrounding areas, such as Stanley Park or North Vancouver, you may have security and property crime concerns. Prime Locksmith is a professional locksmithing company providing the residential and commercial locksmith services you need to keep your premises secure.

Strengthen Your Home Against Forced Entry

Prime Locksmith’s staff of fully BC-licensed and insured professionals has over ten years of experience helping Vancouverites protect their homes against intruders and burglaries. We offer the best high-security locks, security door cameras, alarm systems, and other home security systems on the market for your safety and peace of mind.

No matter the age of your property, Prime Locksmith has the expertise you need to repair and replace your door locks. We can repair your existing locks if they are no longer working optimally. Alternatively, we can perform replacement and new lock installation services, ensuring your home benefits from the latest and greatest home security technologies.

Our technicians can also help you strengthen your mailbox locks, replace your standard mechanical locks with electronic keyless systems, and install multi-point locking systems on your entry doors for maximum security against break-ins.

Secure Your Commercial Property

Prime Locksmith’s team also offers a range of security systems and solutions for your business and commercial property, protecting it from break-ins and letting you earn a living stress-free.

Our security solutions range from keyless access control systems, panic bars, and foldable steel gates to complete commercial-grade security cameras and footage recording systems. 

We can also help you protect your vehicle fleet more effectively with our commercial vehicle security solutions, such as car and truck anti-theft systems, steering wheel locks, and other immobilization technologies.

Our other commercial security services include:

  • Biometric employee clock-in systems
  • Sale, installation, repairs, and combination reset for commercial safes
  • Door operating devices
  • Emergency exit doors
  • Commercial-grade alarm systems
  • Strata mailbox security upgrades
Secure Your Commercial Property

Our Emergency Locksmith Services

If you ever find yourself unable to unlock your own door, Prime Locksmith’s 24-hour emergency residential locksmith services can help you. 

Our team of mobile locksmiths and technicians can resolve your home or apartment lockout situation, unlock your door lock, and offer solutions on how to rekey your home. 

If you’ve fallen victim to key theft or found one of your locks picked or broken, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can also provide advice and solutions on how to improve your home’s security and prevent key theft, lock picking, and other breaches from happening again.

Emergency Locksmith Services

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Whether you need to improve your residence’s safety or upgrade a commercial building’s security systems, Prime Locksmith is here to help you. We have been proudly serving the Metro Vancouver Regional District since 2011, with over 2,000 satisfied customers.

Start your security upgrade plan today, call us at 778-883-5625, or email us at for a free quote and consultation.

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