If you move into a new home, lose the key to your home, or have your keys stolen, you must get your home rekeyed. Rekeying is a process that changes which key opens the lock without replacing the entire lock. 

It is possible to purchase a rekey kit and try to change the locks on your own. However, calling a locksmith is a better idea because it saves you the hassle of changing the lock yourself and potentially damaging the mechanism in the process.

Rekeying your home is simple and quick when performed by a professional locksmith,  and it will give you peace of mind knowing who has access to your home. The British Columbia licensed professionals at Prime Locksmith can help you change your locks and give you a sense of security, knowing your home is safe and protected.

Who Needs to Rekey?

There are a few different situations where it is a good idea to rekey a lock:

  • The Province of British Columbia requires that locks be changed before any new tenant moves in. If you have recently moved into a home and your locks weren’t rekeyed or changed before your arrival, you can have the locks changed at your landlord’s expense.
  • You should get the locks rekeyed if you have purchased a new home. You don’t know who the previous owners may have given keys to, and you don’t want strangers to have access to your home.
  • Some homes have multiple locks, making it difficult to keep track of the keys. Rekeying all the doors to use the same key is a great home improvement project. It can reduce confusion and reduce your chances of getting locked out of your home.
  • If you’ve lost the keys to your home, or if you lost the key to a door, you should get the lock rekeyed after being opened by a locksmith. You don’t know who might have picked up your lost key, and you will have peace of mind with a new set of keys.
  • If you have had your key stolen, it is important to have your locks rekeyed immediately. Keys are often stolen with the express purpose of breaking into someone’s home. Rekey the locks to prevent home invasion or theft. 

What is Involved in Rekeying?

Rekeying is the process of changing which key will open a lock without replacing the lock itself. The process varies depending on the type, age, and brand of lock and the complexity of the locking mechanism.

Normally the locksmith removes the lock from the door. Next, the locksmith removes the cylinder from the housing. The cylinder is the heart of the locking mechanism and contains the pins and springs that the lock uses to determine if the key is the correct one. The locksmith sets the mechanism to open for your new key, then reinstalls the lock in the door.

While this seems like a simple process that anyone can do, it is essential to remember that all door locks are different, and it takes professional skill to ensure it is done correctly. The locking mechanism of some locks is complex, and rekeying it incorrectly could damage or even break the lock. A professional lock servicer like Prime Locksmith can handle your lock carefully to ensure it isn’t damaged while rekeying. 

Contact Prime Locksmith To Rekey Your Home

If you need to rekey or change a lock, you should call a professional. A qualified locksmith can complete the process quickly and correctly. They can also assess any other home security issues you may have and suggest possible solutions like window security film, security lighting, and home alarm systems.

Prime Locksmith has been Vancouver’s premier locksmith agency for over ten years. Our BC licensed and skilled technicians can help you rekey or change your locks. 

They can also provide you with information regarding home security so you can make the best decisions for your home, such as upgrading your locks, adding ring cameras, or installing security systems. 

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