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An effective security system ensures your commercial premises aren’t at risk from burglary and theft. In 2020, there were over 130,000 burglaries in Canada. The financial risk for any business owner is clear, but there is also a physical safety risk if you have employees or tenants in your commercial spaces.

Updating your commercial security hardware is an effective way to ease concerns about risks to your business. Improving door hardware with features such as keyless door locks, push bars, and door closers can increase your level of security. At Prime Locksmith, we have a range of hardware solutions to meet your specific needs.

Door Closers

Door closers help prevent unauthorized access to your building and reduce the spread of fire in an emergency. Door closers are adjustable, spring-loaded mechanical arms that close doors automatically. Filled with hydraulic fluid, they slow the swing of the door and prevent harsh slamming that may damage the door frame.

Door closers are a simple but effective method to prevent access, especially when installed on doors with an automatic locking system. Each time the door is closed, users must open it using their access keycard or key. 

Commercial Hardware - Door Closers

Push Bars

Push bars, also commonly referred to as panic bars, are simple-to-use devices that allow users to open a door without a key or access card. A push bar is typically a flat horizontal bar attached to the inside of an outward swinging door. When pushed, the bar unlatches the door to allow easy exit from a building.

Usually, these doors are locked from the outside and require a key or access card to enter. The push bar only works in one direction and is a critical feature in emergencies such as fires and earthquakes.

Commercial Hardware - Push Bars

Door Operators

Door operators are excellent for security and ensuring employees/residents with physical disabilities can use doors easily. Door operators allow users to open doors automatically at the push of a button located nearby.

The button is an actuator that sends a signal to an electric motor fitted on the door. The door is then electronically opened, staying open long enough for users to pass through. It then closes automatically again.

Operators are effective because they terminate the risk of a user leaving a door open accidentally. Closing automatically ensures that no door is left ajar for unwanted access.

Commercial Hardware - Door Operators

Access Control

Our Access Control system prevents key duplication and illicit access to your property by eliminating the need for keys. Instead, users are given keycards or security fobs to swipe for access. Without these fobs, the door remains locked and cannot be picked.

The Access Control system also allows the property owner or manager to add and delete users and lock and unlock doors from anywhere. When employees or residents move on, you don’t need to spend money on rekeying or changing locks; you can simply delete them from the system.

High Security Locks

High security locks are designed to be pick, drill and bump resistant. The keys are made of stronger materials, are copy-restricted and stamped with “DO NOT COPY / DUPLICATE”.

High Security Locks

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