Commercial Locksmith

Did you know that 90% of break-in events are preventable with simple and affordable solutions?

Prime Locksmith provides security solutions and locking systems to meet the needs of your business. With over ten years of professional locksmith experience, we offer a range of services, from rekeying and master key systems to biometric locks and safes. We use the best equipment available from trusted industry-leading brands to provide your business with the highest level of security.

As a business owner, security is one of your top priorities. Protecting your finances, equipment, and your client’s sensitive data is critical for the success of your business.

In Canada, over one million property crimes were reported to police in 2020. Our security systems can help prevent break-ins and increase overall safety on your premises.

Whether it’s for a condo building, commercial warehouse, or school, we can provide security solutions and offer a range of services tailored to your specific needs. 

Our Services

We have an extensive range of services available at Prime Locksmith. We have a solution, whether you require replacement door locks or access control. We provide, install and maintain services such as:

  • Access control
  • Card readers, electric strikes, and biometric employee clock-in control
  • Commercial lockout services, installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Commercial safe sales, installation, repair, and combination reset
  • Commercial panic bars and exit devices
  • Commercial vehicle security
  • Door operators, closers, viewers, and control systems
  • Emergency exit doors, alarms, and security window bars
  • Foldable steel gates installation
  • Keyless stand-alone locks
  • Prompt response to property managers and realtors in emergency cases
  • Rekey, smart key, and master key systems
  • Strata building security
  • Strata mailbox upgrades, installation, and repair
  • Security cameras and recording technology
  • Various types of locks for commercial use

Some of our notable commercial clients

Access Control

With an Access Control security system, locks and keys are no longer required. Our system eliminates the need for rekeying or changing keys. When an employee leaves or new tenants move in, you can simply add or delete users from the system. A keycard or a security fob is then used to access the property.

Access Control prevents key duplication and only allows access to authorized residents or employees to enter.

With our Access Control System, you can:

Access Control

Strata Building Security

At Prime Locksmith, we understand that there are increased security risks when it comes to owning strata building properties. Due to the multi-building structure, the number of entry points increases which means additional security is necessary.

Whether a commercial office space or a residential unit, our skilled team can customize a system to secure your property. We provide the following services to strata building projects:

  • Upgrades to common area door hardware by providing high-security lock installation, which requires keycard access.
  • Installing main enclosures to prevent private and commercial mail theft.
  • Emergency lockout services when employees and residents are unable to access the premises.
  • Provide security window foil, steel gates, bars, and emergency push exits.
  • Installation of Access Control systems allows you complete control of who has legal access to the property.
Strata Building Security

Commercial Vehicle Security

We provide state-of-the-art commercial vehicle security system upgrades and emergency lockout services for your fleet of business vehicles.
Our Slick Lock solutions are drill-free commercial locks that provide enhanced vehicle security without damaging the vehicle during installation. These locks are mounted on existing factory holes and prevent thieves from tampering with the locks from outside the vehicle. 

To minimize your risk of vehicle theft, we recommend the following measures:

  • Train employees in theft-reduction protocols
    Teaching your employees behaviours that reduce theft risk is an effective way to keep your fleet safe. Measures like ensuring all windows and doors are locked when the vehicle is unattended, and parking in well-lit areas help to ensure vehicle safety.
  • Use anti-theft technology
    Using alarms and steering wheel locks prevents thieves from entering and operating your vehicles. Upgrading locks and using immobilization technology (which prevents hot-wiring) ensures that your vehicles remain safe.
Commercial Vehicle Security

Commercial Security Solutions With Prime Locksmith

Commercial Security Solutions With Prime Locksmith

We’ve helped over 500 commercial clients to upgrade their security systems and enhance the safety of their employees, clients, and residents. With over a decade of security expertise, we ensure that your commercial space is safe and secure in the modern era.

Contact us today for a free consultation at (778) 868-4628. All our technicians are BC. Licensed Locksmiths, WCB covered and fully insured.


Can a locksmith open my commercial premises if I am locked out?

Yes, a professional locksmith can access your property in several ways. If the lock cannot be professionally picked due to the lock design, a locksmith can drill into the cylinder of keyless locks to gain access.

Can a locksmith change my locks?

If you want to update your locks, a locksmith can provide you with brand new locks. Alternatively, your current locks can be rekeyed. Rekeying involves replacing the lock’s internal pins so that it accepts a new set of keys.

Should I change locks when an employee leaves?

It’s good practice to ensure that only current employees have access to your property. Rekeying is fast and inexpensive compared to replacing the entire lock. Installing a keyless locking solution that uses card access is an effective and quick method to ensure ex-employees no longer have access.