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At Prime Locksmith, we carry over 100 safe models fitting any space and security need. If you need to install a new residential or commercial safe or require help with your existing ones, our team of professional BC licensed security experts is qualified to help you.

Why You Should Consider a Safe

Safes offer numerous benefits for homeowners and business operators while being less expensive long-term than common alternatives.

For instance, a high-quality safe fitted with an appropriate locking mechanism like electronic keypads or a biometric safe lock offers superior protection against theft and unauthorized access, lifetime durability, and no upkeep fees. Therefore, a home or residential safe has a lower total cost of ownership than a safe deposit box (which requires monthly or yearly payments).

Besides the theft protection benefits, a quality safe with the proper protection ratings also shields your valuables from:

  • Damage from fires or exposure to excessive heat (e.g., UL-rated fire-resistant safes)
  • Flooding and water damage (e.g., IP-rated water-resistant safes)
  • Damage from exposure to insects (e.g., some beetle species can eat paper)
  • Exposure to mould and mildew
Commercial Safe Opening Service - Vancouver

Residential Safe Services

Prime Locksmith offers numerous residential safe services and solutions for all of your safe home storage needs.

We can study the layout of your house, establish a list of security needs, and recommend a location for your safe. We can also help you choose and install the right safe type, model, and ratings for you, such as wall safes, floor safes, portable safes, fireproof safe, and waterproof safes.

Common types of residential safes include:

  • Small security safes for protecting important documents like identification papers, passports, birth certificates, contracts, and appliance serial numbers
  • Gun safes for hunters and sport shooters
  • Steel security wall and floor safes for storing valuables

If you need assistance with your safe, call Prime Locksmith. We’ll help you turn the dial, open the safe, repair a damaged safe, or reset the combination.

Commercial Safe Services

Prime Locksmith also provides safes for small businesses, complete with sales, installation, and assistance services. We understand the unique security challenges small businesses face every day, and we can help you meet your security needs.

If you operate an office or need a safe to protect your important documents, we can help you choose a suitable business safe. Depending on the method used to store your data, whether paper format or digital media such as thumb drives or CD-ROMs, we can recommend a range of office and data safes. 

Another popular commercial safe solution is the depository safe or drop safe. This safe type makes it easy for employees and other personnel to insert objects and documents, but it is challenging to take them out without the key or combination.

We also offer complete installation, repair, and combination reset services, allowing you to remain in control of your security needs and never stay locked out of your business’ critical documents and valuables.

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