Strata and Commercial Buildings Physical Security

A robust security system is essential for ensuring safety in any commercial building. Whether your strata building is residential or commercial real estate, a security solution catering to your specific needs is vital for business operations.

There were 361 breaking and entering incidents per 100,000 people reported in Canada in 2020. At Prime Locksmith, we understand the importance of keeping your property safe and secure. We have a range of physical security solutions that are fully customizable to your requirements.

Access Control for Commercial Buildings

Depending on the risk profile of your business, there are several elements a building owner can implement with an access control system. Physical turnstiles and security check-in desks are useful in buildings where heightened security is necessary, such as banks or residential strata buildings.

Doors to common areas can be equipped with proximity readers that require access keycards or security fobs to gain access. With Access Control, you can develop an easy-to-use management system for adding and deleting users as needed. This cuts down on the costs of key-cutting and rekeying every time a new employee or resident joins the building.

Access Control for Commercial Buildings

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance indirectly protects your building, employees, or residents by monitoring each person entering and exiting the building. A security camera collects physical recordings, which are often kept on tape. Today the recordings are usually stored on a cloud information system.

There are many benefits to using a video surveillance system for property managers:

  • Reduced risk of theft, burglaries, and employee fraud
  • Deters unauthorized visitors from entering the building
  • Saves money spent on hiring security personnel, as well as reducing the amount spent on insurance
Video Surveillance

Steel Doors and Door Operators

Steel doors have a range of purposes. High-security fire-resistant steel doors are available for premises that require more intense security, such as schools, financial institutions, and businesses that sell valuable or sensitive items like jewelry or electronics. Multi-purpose steel doors are also available for office buildings, restaurants, and hotels.

Steel doors are a versatile feature in any building security system. Reinforced steel doors prevent easy break-ins compared to standard wooden doors. The galvanized metal makes damaging the door difficult, ensuring the safety of your property.

When paired with a door operator, steel doors offer a heightened level of security to your building systems. A door operator allows you to open and close a door at the touch of a button.

When the button is pressed, an actuator sends a signal to the motor installed on the door, causing it to open automatically. The door remains open for a set amount of time before closing again. This ensures that no doors are left open accidentally for unwanted personnel to use.

Steel Doors and Door Operators

Target Hardening

Target hardening is improving the physical security of a building or facility in order to protect against attacks by deterring and delaying invaders from penetrating your defenses.

Prime Locksmith provides and installs holistic target hardening solutions to protect commercial premises from physical attacks. Our solutions will help prevent, deter and protect against break-in attempts to your facility.

Examples of target hardening solutions include:

  • Door Security upgrades: Full size astragal plates, Interlock plates, lever, knobs and deadbolt guards, foldable security steel gates, etc.
  • Window Security Grills: We install steel security grills made of all welded steel frames and perforated steel sheeting to preserve visibility. Steel bars and security film are also available as alternative security solutions for commercial windows.
  • Enterphone Security Covers: Etherphone panels are often vandalized to get illegal access to commercial or strata buildings. Prime Locksmith installs keyed custom steel bar protectors.

Physical Security Solutions With Prime Locksmith

Strata and Commercial Buildings Locksmith

Consulting a security professional for your commercial security needs is essential for maintaining a level of safety within your business. At Prime Locksmith, we have a team of BC registered locksmiths with over ten years of experience. We’re confident that we can provide an effective solution for your security needs.

If you have any queries, questions, or concerns about your current security needs, contact us today for a consultation.