Did you know that 90% of break-in events are preventable with simple and affordable solutions?


  • Access control / Card access

  • Strata building security

  • Commercial vehicle security

  • Commercial lockouts

  • Rekey and master-key systems (Schlage, Sargent, Yale)

  • Commercial locks, installation, repair, and maintenance

  • Panic bars. Exit devices (Von Duprin. Assa Abloy)

  • Commercial safes.  Sales, install, repair, and combination reset

  • Door closers (LCN, Lawrence)

  • High security locks (Abloy Protec2. Medeco)

  • Door operators. Install and service

  • Door viewers 

  • Emergency exit door - local alarm (Detex)

  • Foldable steel gates installation

  • Security film (3M, Llumar)

  • Security window bars

  • Hollow metal doors

  • Full size astragal plates 

  • Strata mailbox upgrades, installation, and repair

  • Prompt response to property managers and realtors in emergency cases

  • Lockouts and rekey service

  • Keyless stand-alone locks (Kaba, Schlage, Adams Rite, Alarm Lock)

  • Card readers (Camden)

  • Electric strikes (RCI, HES, Adams Rite)

  • Biometric employee time attendance control

  • And more...


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Access Control










We provide convenient Access Control solutions for:

  • Condo buildings

  • Office spaces

  • Retail

  • Warehouses

  • Schools

  • Etc

In condo buildings, Access Control prevents illegal entrance key duplication and gives total control to the property manager and whoever holds a fob or card as a resident.

For commercial spaces, you and your staff are able to remotely lock or unlock doors, add or delete users from anywhere in the world.

When synced with security cameras, you will have a live view of your premises 24/7.

Access control systems completely eliminate the need and expense of rekeying or changing locks when an employee leaves, and provides peace of mind.

Our services include:

  • Live Streaming Video Surveillance Remotely access your video surveillance system directly from your smartphone with our free app.

  • Remote Arm and Disarm Our interactive services allow you to arm and disarm your business security system through your mobile phone and get reminders in case you forget, so that your business is never left unprotected.

  • Access Control Protect your business by securing entry and exit with card readers, automated door locks and door strikes. Secure sensitive areas of your business, such as inventory management spaces and financial record keeping.

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Strata Buildings



Property managers, owners and landlords face a lot of responsibilities when dealing with Strata buildings. Prevention plays a critical role to a building's security. At Prime Locksmith we know the weakest entry points that thieves take advantage of to commit break-ins.

Our dedicated work with top strata companies is committed to provide building security solutions and tenant safety. 


Our services include:

  • Security upgrades in front and common area doors

  • Parkade doors protective devices

  • High Security locks installation (Copy restricted key)

  • Master key rekeying

  • Mailbox enclosures & replacements (high security units)

  • Panic bars and door closers installation and repair

  • Access control - Card access

  • Emergency lockout service

  • Steel bars and gates

  • Window security film

  • And much more...

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All our technicians are BC. Licensed Locksmiths, WCB covered and fully insured.



Why should I use a professional and licensed locksmith company?

Skilled professional locksmiths provide the expertise and knowledge with locks, safes and security systems and are better prepared to recommend unique solutions for your needs. Prime Locksmith assesses your needs and makes product recommendations that fit your budget and your building.


Can a locksmith open my office or store if I am locked out?

Yes, a Certified Locksmith is able to open your commercial premises in a variety of ways. Typically, a locksmith will first try to pick the lock. However, some locks are not pickable. In that case, the locksmith must find an alternative way such as drilling the cylinder. Honest locksmiths will look for the most efficient and affordable solution to provide quick access to your place.


I am moving into a new business location; do I have to replace the locks or simply rekey?

When you take over a new commercial premise, it is almost impossible to know how many key duplicates of the access doors were created and who hold them. Rekey must be your number ONE priority when you receive the possession of your new venue.

If your locks are in good shape, you do not need to replace them. It is more than enough to get them rekeyed to get a new set of keys. It is all about peace-of-mind.


Should I change locks after an employee leaves?

Yes. You should always ensure that only current employees can access your facility. Re-keying your locks is fast, inexpensive and a good security policy. You can also choose to implement a wireless keyless lock solution for your business that will eliminate the need for the re-keying of physical locks


Can a locksmith change my locks?

Yes. A locksmith can either rekey your locks (re-pin) and give you a new set of keys or replace the locks all together if you are looking to update your hardware. Let Prime Locksmith know in advance if you wish for them to bring a variety of lock options.


What does lock rekey mean and what does it include?

Lock rekey service refers to the process of replacing the internal parts of the lock to accept a new key set. It is a resetting of the lock “combination”. The old keys will no longer be able to open the lock.

How much does it cost to have a commercial lock rekeyed?

Prices range from $30 to $60 per lock, depending on the type of lock. On top of that price, a locksmith will charge a service call (travel) fee ($90-$100).


I can install the hardware, why not buy it at the home center and do it myself?

Products typically sold in home stores are typically for residential homes. For commercial needs, you require characteristics such as, pick and drill resistance and protection against unauthorized key duplication. Commercial security systems should be professionally selected and installed for the best results.


Can a locksmith open my professional safe?

Yes, a locksmith certified as a safe technician can open safes using several techniques. Our locksmiths at Prime Locksmith are trained and certified to open and service safes.


What is a “high security lock”?

High security locks are designed to be pick, drill and damage resistant.
The keys are made of stronger materials, are copy-restricted and stamped with “DO NOT COPY / DUPLICATE”

Why choose Prime Locksmith? 

We hold every interaction with our customers to the highest standard. At Prime Locksmith we are extremely proud of our services and level of customer satisfaction. You can rest assured that the quality of service Prime Locksmith provides to you will exceed your expectations.