Do You Need a Biometric Employee Clock-in System for Your Business?

Are you looking for a way to make your business more secure? If so, you may consider investing in a biometric employee clock-in system. Let’s take a look at some of its advantages and disadvantages.

How does it work?

A biometric time clock is a more sophisticated form of a digital clock. Instead of reading a card or accepting a code, it scans a biologically unique attribute of an employee, such as a fingerprint, handprint, iris or retina or the face. Upon hiring, an employee has a particular attribute inputted in the system, and they can use it thereafter not only to clock in or out but also to gain access to the building. The biometric system can prevent employees from clocking in or out for other employees, thereby ensuring a more honest tally of hours. Source: Indeed

Is it widely used?

In a 2019 study, more than a quarter of small North American businesses were using thumbprint scanners as a way of confirming identity, a number that leaps to over 40% for companies with more than 1,000 employees. Even retinal scanners, with their lingering science-fiction reputation, are being used by more than 10% of companies.

Biometrics is a rapidly evolving technology, and if you are considering investing in a biometric time clock system for your business, there are some pros and cons to weigh before making a decision. Source: Workforce

What are the pros?

  • They cut down on co-workers clocking in for one another.
  • They offer an additional level of security.
  • Team members don’t have to remember any passwords.
  • There’s no need to issue badges and replace lost or stolen ones.
  • They prevent timecards from being altered. Source: Business

How about the cons?

The main disadvantage of biometric timeclocks is the varying scanner quality. Cheaper models may not pick up the subject properly, resulting in false negatives. Fingerprint scanners need to be cleaned frequently to keep scans positive and to stay hygienic. When these time clocks fail, it can be a hindrance to businesses, as the technology needs to be fixed or cleaned. Also, businesses should take extra precautions to ensure employee fingerprints or other biometric data remains secure. Source: BusinessNewsDaily

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Published Date: December 1, 2022

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