Home Security Checklist

With advances in technology, there are now plenty of options for building layers of protection around your property. But before you invest in an expensive security system, it’s important to consider what basic measures will protect you immediately. Hence, we’ve created this comprehensive home security checklist so you can strengthen your home’s defenses easily — no contractors or major investments required!

Make sure your house is well lit

First of all, be sure to add lighting to your home’s exterior areas. A poorly lit yard, driveway, or walkway can be inviting to burglars who seek out an opportunity to conceal their actions.

Inspect the area around your home and take steps to maximize lighting by replacing light bulbs, installing flood lights, placing path lights along walkways, and installing smart lighting systems that can be controlled on personal devices or by motion. Source: Modernize

Install strong locks

About 58% of burglaries involve forcible entry, which can be deterred by strong locks. All locks should ideally be changed before you move into a new home, and all deadbolts must be in working order.

Source: MyMove

Remove potential hiding spots

Trees located near windows or shrubbery that might shield a burglar from view can be major flaws in your home-protection plan. Consider your landscaping plan in light of your protection needs.

Source: Home.HowStuffWorks

Protect your identity

Put your street number, not your name, on your mailbox. Displaying your name is not necessary for mail to be delivered and will only increase the risk of identity theft.

Source: RealSimple

Put up signs that state your home is monitored

Be sure to display the yard and window decals that your home security company provides you with. We recommend placing these decals on the windows that face the side and rear of your home, as well as in the front, because burglars enter through windows and doors in over half of all unoccupied break-ins.

Source: SafeWise

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Published Date: May 26, 2023