Types of Security Lighting

It’s time to add a little extra security to your home this winter! Whether you’re seeking added peace of mind or just looking for ways to keep the outside well-lit during snowy nights, security lighting is an excellent way of doing both. Here are some options to choose from:


Motion-activated lights turn on when they sense activity in the area and often catch those with bad intentions off guard. When a bright light turns on unexpectedly, someone might second-guess approaching your home. Motion-sensor lights also alert you that someone is on your property and allow you to spot them easily.

You can adjust motion-sensor lights to ignore the movement of small animals, such as dogs, cats, or squirrels. If you opt for motion-sensor lights, find a set that covers the radius you need. You can hard-wire motion-detector lights or install battery-operated ones. Source: Angi

Floodlights are useful for outdoor security because of their broad beam and high-intensity illumination. These lights are meant to literally “flood” an area with light. They’re an excellent choice for large yards and fields. They also provide superbright illumination in areas like garages or sheds where you may need some extra light after the sun sets.

Almost the opposite of floodlights, spotlights project a narrow, focused beam of light directly onto one area. Most of the spotlights on our list have multiple heads so that you can shine a narrow beam in various directions at once. Spotlights are a good choice to help light up a door or pathway for safe passage (and entry) after the sun sets. Source: Safewise


HID stands for high-intensity discharge which is exactly what it does. An HID emits a strong light incomparable to that of other exterior lighting types. HID security lights can cover a larger area and are ideal for parking lots, sport stadiums, and other large residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Source: DoItYourself

Looking for advice on which type of security light is right for you based on your budget and needs? Give us a call! We’ll be glad to assist you.



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Published Date: February 17, 2023

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