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Did you know that 90% of break-in events are preventable with simple and affordable solutions?

Whether you live in a home or an apartment, keeping your home secure is a top priority. But home safety is more than just locking your doors. The BC licensed locksmiths at Prime Locksmith can help you ensure that your home is safe and secure with a range of services tailored to each individual dwelling. We are also available to help if you are locked out, lose a key, or damage a lock.

Our professional locksmiths are certified by the BC government for your safety and peace of mind. Our expert technicians can assist you with a range of residential locksmith services.

Our Services

Lock Rekeying

Whether you just moved into a new home or lost your keys, it is essential to rekey your locks. The RCMP has noted an increase in 2-step burglaries, where stolen keys are used to break into a home later. Our locksmith technicians can change the combinator on your existing locks, so only new keys will open the door. 

Home or Apartment Lockout Emergency Service

If you ever end up locked out of your home, our home locksmith services can help. We can dispatch an emergency technician immediately to help solve your lockout situation and rekey your home if your key was lost or stolen. 

Lock Picking

If you have an old lock and you’ve lost the key, our local locksmiths can pick the lock and give you a new key. The Provincial government governs this process to ensure maximum safety for our technicians and customers. 

Lock Install, Repair, or Replacement

Whether your home is brand new or heritage listed, your locks may need repair and replacement. Our locksmiths can perform all kinds of lock repairs and service all kinds of door locks such as a knob, cam, keypad, and smart locks. If your lock is broken, we can install a new locking system that would be perfect for your home. 

Mailbox Lock Replacement

There are complex laws regarding mailbox locks, and we can help you fix your broken lock or get a replacement key without violating any regulations.

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks can be handy and are particularly popular for garage doors. We can offer different brands such as Schlage, Emtek, and Yale and offer professional advice on which would be best for your home. 

High-Security Lock Upgrades

If you are concerned about the safety of your home and family, upgrading to a high-security locking system can give you peace of mind. These security systems can offer added layers of protection, and we offer both Abloy Protec2 and Medeco to suit your needs. 

Abloy Protec 2 lock encodes both electronic and mechanical codes into each key so that even an illegally copied key can’t open the lock. The Medeco has an elevated pin system that makes it virtually impossible to pick.

Multipoint Locking Systems, Repair, and Replacement

A multipoint locking system can be an excellent upgrade for a front door or main entrance. These locks provide several locking points along the door, giving added security and durability. If you feel your door could use extra strength, our locksmiths can provide you with a consultation on which locking system is best. 

Security Cameras and Home Automation

Remote door locks like Arlo and Ring have revolutionized home security. Their ring cameras allow you to open your door or see who is knocking from your phone. These systems can be beneficial for keeping your home safe and knowing who is trying to get into your home. Our technicians can install them properly for maximum usability. 

Home Safes

If you have valuables you want to protect, a safe is an excellent option. We can help you choose the safe that is right for you and install it securely in your home. If you already have a safe, we can help you change the combination, or we offer safe lockout services if you cannot open your safe. 

Window Security Film

Window security film can help prevent breakings, prevent your windows from shattering during storms, and even reduce your heating and cooling bills by providing extra insulation. There are different kinds of film, and it must be installed correctly for maximum effect. Contact us today about a consultation. 

Security Lighting

Security lighting can be one of the best ways to deter potential intruders. These bright floodlights can be motion-activated, and their presence alone can be a great comfort to homeowners. They must be properly angled for the light beam and the motion sensor to operate correctly. Our qualified locksmiths can install them for maximum effect.

Alarm systems (Monitored - Monthly Fee)

A monitored alarm system with a monthly fee can offer added protection to your home. These systems have sensors to detect intruders and can immediately call for emergency services and put you in touch with a live representative of the security company who can offer assistance.

Alarm Systems for Apartments (Non-Monitored - No Monthly Fee)

A non-monitored home alarm system is not connected to a company or emergency services. It produces a loud sound if one of the sensors is tripped to scare off would-be intruders and alert the neighbourhood to the break-in. This can be a suitable option for apartment buildings with some security built-in.

Master Keys

A master key can be helpful in a home lockout situation. These keys can open any lock and be useful if you have multiple locks and keys to keep track of. Our locksmiths can set up your locks to accept a master key and make a copy of the master key for you to keep in case of an emergency. 

Access Control Systems

An Access Control system is an automatic system that allows people through a locked door without the need for a security guard. These systems can verify who the person is with a passcode and offer options that only allow access to certain doors or temporary access with a time limit. These can be useful in homes and facilities with sensitive or expensive equipment. 

Cabinet Locks

If you have sensitive or important documents, locking them in a cabinet might be the best way to keep them safe. Our locksmiths can install a cabinet lock to give you peace of mind and keep burglars out.

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